Monday, February 8, 2010

Lester Moore

Lester Moore's grave in Tombstone's Boothill Graveyard

Lester Moore
Born: Date Unknown
Died: Date Unknown (Naco, Cochise County, Arizona)
Interred: Boothill Graveyard (Tombstone, Cochise County, Arizona)
Occupation: Wells Fargo Station Agent

Lester Moore worked for Wells Fargo in the Mexico/United States border town of Naco, Arizona. One day in the late 1800s, a man named Hank Dunstan arrived at the Wells Fargo station to pick up a package he was expecting. When Lester handed him a badly battered and mangled package, Hank became enraged at the condition of it and an argument ensued. The argument quickly became heated and both men reached for their guns.

Lester Moore was killed in the affray, having been hit with four slugs from Hank Dunstan's gun. Before he died, Lester Moore managed to fire off one shot of his own, hitting Hank Dunstan in the chest. Dunstan soon died from his injury, also.

Lester Moore's body was transported to nearby Tombstone, where he was buried in the Boothill Graveyard. No records exist to indicate where Hank Dunstan was buried.

Moore, who otherwise probably would have lived out his life in anonymity, became famous worldwide because of the epitaph inscribed on his headstone.

Here lies
Lester Moore
Four slugs
From a .44
No Les
No more

Tombstone's Boothill by Ben T. Traywick (1994)


  1. Cool pictue, just make sure Ouray Sportswear doesn't steal your image and use it on a t-shirt.
    They just use any image they can find on Google (this is according to one of their officers) without regard to copyright. If you bring it to their attention they will direct you to their lawyer!!! Geez!!

    1. I am related to Lester Moore and have a shirt with his epitaph on it

  2. I never heard of Ouray Sportswear. Do they make a habit of stealing photos off the Internet? I'll have to keep an eye on them, if so. Telling someone to talk to their lawyer doesn't make theft any less illegal. If they tried that stunt with me, I wouldn't be talking to their lawyer! They would be talking to *my* attorneys. And, possibly a judge, as well.

  3. Yes according to the Ouray Sportswear Vice President of sales, Craig Dudley, they got my image off of Google Images. Everyone knows that the images on Google are subject to copyright. It says so right on Google.

  4. I've had my photos stolen and misused before, so I know what you mean. That's why I started watermarking my images many years ago. Today, my watermark, which is basically my web site logo stamped in a lower corner, is about as far as I'll probably go with the protection on my "Pioneer Graves" photos, though. I'm much more lenient with these photos since so many people use them for genealogical records, and I'm more than happy to help in those regards.

    But, anyone using one of my photos and profiting off the venture had better check with me first to be sure they don't receive an invoice after the fact... And, while we're on the subject, the same goes for the bios I post on this blog. (Take note of that, AV Press...)

  5. i am so glad that you have this avilable for me to look at. my friend visited tombstone graveyard in 1980 and she alway recited the saying . it was one of her favorites ditties.
    when i saw this i had to share it with my friends, as she paased away and on monday it would of been her birthday and i know that my fellow work mates will smile when they read it

  6. I'm glad I could bring a smile to your day! :)

  7. how funny. I googled "Lester Moore" because I was remembering a boy names Les, who I had as a classmate. Then thought to thought brought me to the possible "Lester Moore" name; it would be a name one might use if thinking of "More or Less". Lo! and behold! It's been done. There really IS nothing new under the sun.