Monday, March 8, 2010

Evelyn Myers

Evelyn's headstone in Bodie's Wards Cemetery

Evelyn Myers
Born: May 1, 1894 (Bodie, Mono County, California)
Died: April 5, 1897 (Bodie, Mono County, California)
Interred: Bodie Wards Cemetery, Bodie, Mono County, California

The Angel of Bodie

Albert K. Myers, born in California in July 1861 and Frances (known familiarly as Fannie) Ordella Parsons, born in Minnesota in October 1862, were married in 1893. The following year, while living in Bodie where Albert worked with the hoists in a mine, Fannie gave birth to Evelyn on May 1, 1894.

In early April 1897, a drainage ditch was being dug around their home. Little Evelyn was fascinated by the workers and stood close by, watching. One worker, using a pickaxe, didn't realize how close Evelyn had moved toward, and behind him. He accidentally hit her in the head on a backswing.

Doctors were called and they tried valiantly to save her life, but her injury was too severe. Three days after the accident, and less than a month shy of her third birthday, she died. The turnout for her funeral was large, and the people of Bodie nicknamed her headstone, and the little girl who now lies below it, "The Angel of Bodie".

1900 U.S. federal census for Bodie Township, showing Evelyn's parents still living in Bodie three years after her death (line 12)

The casket room inside Bodie's morgue, including some children's sized caskets like the one Evelyn was most likely buried in

A booklet I picked up in the Bodie gift shop in 2001, which I've since misplaced and is no longer available
1900 U.S. census for Bodie Township, Mono County, California

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